Katie Melissa Ryan
Model - Actress -  Musician - Brand Ambassador - Influencer -  Store Owner -
E-Com Business Coach - Foreign Currency Branch Manager - Marketing Consultant - Contributor
- 5 Years Modeling
- 2 Years Acting
- SAG-Eligible
- Agency Represented
- Musician since childhood
 - Location: Monterey, CA; frequently travel to LA
- Open to new ideas and creations
- Brand Ambassador for 3 companies
- Promotional Model
- Paid social media promotions
- Instagram promos & collaborations: Yes (18.5k followers)
- Social Media & social networking expert

Special Skills: 
Modeling, Acting, Singing, Poetry, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting, chess, photography, pen and ink sketching, typist (100+ words per minute), great with technology, experienced with various animals, great with kids, great memory. Dance: Hip hop, modern, jazz, freestyle. Spoken Languages: English, some Spanish, Pig Latin. Athletic Skills: Yoga (3 yrs), can do splits, fitness equipment, hiking, swimming, skimboarding, surfing (longboard and shortboard), boogieboarding, rollerskating, skateboarding, ice skating, volleyball, jogging, dancing, scooter, bicycle, bowling, camping, backpacking, traveling, travel planning (domestic & international).